Thank you for posting this I am forwarding it to my h.

I have followed your story over the years. And the sacrifice you made to stop with your career for your family must mean so much to your family. My h also is career military and it is number on in his life. At the expense of his kids. I often have told him what happens when the military is through with him and his kids don't acknowledge him cause they don't know him. There is a balance between work and family.

My love would grow for my h if he put us first and when he has made that effort my love and respect does grow. However he has the tendency to put his coworkers ahead of us. I've often told him that if he would teach and care for his daughters the way he teaches others that they would be very lucky girls. My oldest is very angry at her father cause he has never been here for her. He very rarely emails them or communicates with them while on deployment. Must admit this time he is trying but what is trying to kids.

When my h does actions that shows me that I am important to him no matter what else is going on my respect and love for him grows.

Thanks again for doing this.

I had to learn this as well. Unfortunately, many of us guys are not brought up with this knowledge that I am presenting from the Bible. We dont understand you women. And we throw our hands in the air. When all along, we had the answers at our fingertips. I am making sure my two boys know this as they become young men. And my daughter will know this and see this out of me, as an example of who she should search for herself.

Giving up my career was very painful. It was everything to me for most of my adult life. I had in almost 10 years before I met my wife. My career predated my wife. Giving it up was a sacrifice. And she has noticed. It is probably the MOSt important thing I have done that brought us back fro the brink of divorce...my sacrifice for her...even while she was actively running away from me.

Hang tight...got two more sections for your husband...one I am posting now.