Since I did give the guys a preview, here is one for the gals...

God says there are two words which describe the roles of husbands and wives in marriage. Husbands are to love (agape) as I have shown above. Wives are to respect, or reverence their husbands.

It is interesting that God never commands a woman to love her husband. My wife used to say jokingly "You know, you have the hard part. All I have to do is submit...you have to die!!" Now while that is simplistic, it does have truth to it.

Much of what I will bring here from this study is not what secular, feminist society gives us. They hate the word submission. Feels it denegrates women. But wait a minute, the last I checked, God is a feminist, if the definition of a feminist is someone that is pro-woman, someone who is out for the best interests of women.

Women were the crown of God's creation. God sat there, after He finished everything...and looked right at Adam and said "this aint good." Then, after creating Eve, He said of His Creation "This is VERY good." Feminists today want to say that the roles prescribed by the Bible make women second class citizens. That is ABSOLUTELY not true. Women are the crown of God's Creation. They are the pinnacle of all He created in the Universe.

You take a look at the stars in the sky, or the beauty of a sunset amd think "Wow." But then think that when God was creating those, He wasnt done yet. He had to get to "very good." And that creations was the woman.

A marriage is supposed to be a picture of God, of who He is and what He is about. I nthe Godhead, we know there are three parts: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In a marriage, we know there are three parts: husband, wife, and Jesus. Just like with the Godhead, each of those parts have their individual functions and responsibilities. But do we not say that the Holy Spirit is equal to the Father? Is not Jesus equal to His Father (remember, He thought it not robbery to be considered equal to God)?

Then why in the world would we not think that a wife is not equal to her husband, just because of some of theroles and responsibilities that were assigned to her by God? What makes her roles and responsibilities less important than those of the husband?

In the Army, we have officers and we have non-commissioned officers (sergeants). In a unit, for example a Company, there is a Captain, who is the officer in charge...in command. There is also a First Sergeant, who is the NCO in charge. Are these two men equal? As a soldier, yes. They are equal. Roles? Yes. They both have their job to do, which are quite different. But who is in command? The Captain is in command, as designated by the Army. Nowas a First Sergeant, I had many more years of experience than that Captain. The last one I had was only in the military for about 7 years. While I had to close to 20 years of infantry experience. In terms of knowledge of the battlefield, in terms of soldiering...I had this man hands down. So, why wasnt I in charge? Because I wasnt an officer. The Army said that they need educated men and women in tactics and other things to lead units. So, they educate them and send them out to the units, wit hthe responsibility for whatever that unit does and does not do.

As an NCO, I rose thru the ranks. I didnt have to lead due to schooling (all though the Army gave me that). I led by example. I am the guy that trains the troops...not the Captain. I am the guy that looks out for their needs...not the Captain. And in most cases, when the bullets are flying overhead...it is me that the young private is looking for direction from...not the Captain. But in the end, the Captain makes the ultimate decisions. He gets to make the call. Why? Because the Army holds him responsible for whatever that unit does or does not do.

God gives men the headship of the home. He is given command, so to speak. He is the wife's leader. And as such, God holds him responsible for what happens and what does not happen in that home. God will not look to his wife for the answers why their children were not raised properly. He will ask their father. And it does not matter if that father is not there. I have seen captains releaved of command for actions of their units when they werent even around. One was releaved for actions of his unit while he was on vacation with his wife.

Do you see now? Husbands have an even higher stake in the marriage, and the upbringing of those kids. Ladies, you are NOT held responsible by God for what your husband does or doesnt do. But your husband sure is held responsible for what you do.

Anyway, a short blurb there. I am finishing up the first of three sections for the women on reverencing your husband.

Oh, and here are the three sections. Wanted to list them like I did for the guys.

Wives (Respect your husbands)
1. Submitting to your husband
2. Seducing your husband
3. Surrendering to your husband