I remember starting a thread a lot like this one ... the subject was my feelings about what I had learned from the "Wild At Heart" book...

and this is what happened ...

the concepts that were so clear and meaningful to me (while I was reading the book) were very VERY VERY hard to convey to someone who had never read the book.

The term "hero" was taken the wrong way from the book's intented meaning (for example) ... I think, in part, because the literal meaning of certain words are cast aside and instead used to convey a spiritual message .... which is very VERY hard to communicate.

And, the premise is that there is a definite male/female separation of needs and duties which goes against the tide of current cultural thinking that men and women are interchangeable.

Anywho ... keep plugginh along.... this is interesting on many levels.

Pep, true!!! That is why I dont mind answering the questions, as I know it is hard to pick up sometimes thru the black and white of reading, some of the concepts that are presented i nthe full study...or in person.