Hi there,

We moved all our crap back last week. 1108 miles from Ft Collins to San Diego.

Nate is now walking with a cane, his short term memory is back, and the Docs say his progress is better than they thought. He will probably still need supervision for another year and a half, but the prognosis is very good that he may be able to be a productive member of society..whatever that means.

We are very glad we were able to be there for Nate and I think it really helped in his recovery. Sad to leave but glad to be back.

Geeze has gone to Kentucky with her dad and brother for a family reunion, and will be gone a week, so I will be haunting the halls of MB much more than usual.

Unfortunately I spend waaayyy too much time at MB when at work. Is this an addiction? I must discipline myself.

Geeze and I are actually in a very good place. Everything but SF. I am thinking that I think about my utensil waayy too much! What am I..in highschool?? <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Thanks for listening,