Things were very quiet on the Gargamel front once C resumed. She emailed her hours to me each week, once in a while asked me a question, such as one time when she had to make an incident report, where I had to then ask AJ. She was all but blaring trumpets to show me how cooperative and obedient she was being, whilst she tried to lure him to Hawaii and other far-off places. (He just told me the other day that she wanted him to go back to Wisconsin with her for Christmas to meet her family. Definitely some long-range planning going on, from her anyway. I don't think he thought much farther ahead than the next illicit phone call.)

Everything was hunky-dory until the delivery of The Box. Of course she started yelling and screaming, figuratively speaking, but after that every time she quieted down for a bit, I would grow very agitated because before that had meant contact, and it triggered me badly. I looked frantically for contact, and when I couldn't find any well, that had to mean I just wasn't looking hard enough so I looked even more frantically, checking everything over and over and over.

When I still couldn't find anything over a period of time, I finally had to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, I wasn't finding anything because there wasn't anything to find. I check a lot even now, but it is leaning more toward making sure she isn't trying to get him to break NC than thinking he has already slipped back.

I need to go see why it sounds like the tub is running. (Another Dervish story in the making? I hope not!) If I can, I'll be back for a few before I have to leave.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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