Thank you, Eagle and Griselda. While the A was going on, B0b Pure and Dorry were my heroes. B0b was the BS, and always had an encouraging story to share about how his dear Squid was beginning to return his love and affection, and no longer spewing the horrible venom that she did during her A. Dorry was a new FWW, and as penitent as you could ever hope to see. She gave me so much hope that maybe, someday, I might hear some of those things from my own WS. Well, I did, and so will most of you.

The few among you that never see your true spouse again, believe me, you are so much better off without them. You can have your own dignity intact, and know you tried everything you could, but the bottom line is an A cannot be tolerated forever. You will lose yourself completely if you try.

We are all wonderful people here on this site, strong, courageous, and on our way to becoming something more beautiful than we ever dreamed.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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