I like the idea of a book. I'm in with my story, no matter which way it turns out.

I can't believe how prevalent this is amongst the deployed force. I have 6 divorces and two new cases of betrayal THAT I AM AWARE OF in my unit of 160. I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from.

It has gotten so bad that I'm working with the Chaplain to start a support group based on MB principles. I'm calling it Reconciliation by Fire... What is this world coming to? I'm in total agreement that treason is an appropriate punishment for OP and WS... Hang 'em all.

All I am and will become in Him,

sbmmal BH 29 (Me) WW 29 M: 07-20-2001; DD Age 2 EA/PA: 5/06 - Present D-Day: 6-3-06 Deployed Since 11/05, Leave Due in 07/05 Home Forever and Out of Army 10/06... Praying for Us and Seeking God Feverishly!!!