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Bump your thread up and we can do it there!

I do not have a thread, I felt I had nothing to say, nothing to contribute. What was I gonna say? "I'm a FWW and my H doesn't want to do anything with me and I do not know what to do"

I guess I did not want anybody to tell me my M had no hope, I am/was holding to the hope and to my faith and the promises that my Lord has given me.

You know, not everybody is going to understand that, that is the very reason I do not go to C. They will tell me that it takes 2 to work in a M.
Sorry I know is not a very good moment to vent right now. frown



You are not unique. Neither is your husband! So, you need to stop thinking this way. Added to that, you do need your own thread. Many here have been thru what you and your husband have gone thru and are going thru.

Many times, I found God's voice here. So, please start your own thread and lets talk!!

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