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OK, this may sound kinda weird and all but this is something I was wondering MM. This post as part of a husband's job in marriage:

Becoming Your Wife's Sanctifier...(Ephesians 5:25-29)

Does that mean at all helping her to heal the wounds caused by her previous life? Wounds inflicted to her by her parents?

Well, of course! You are her pastor. If she needs help, you give it. If you dont have the ability, you get those folks that can help you get the ability (pastor, counselor, etc).

Thanks for your input. WW and I are in therapy right now and while it is doing absolutely NO good for the relationship because she is a WW, it is doing a good job helping me to help her heal her wounds inflicted by her parents. Last week she had a real breakdown in counseling because of the things her dad put her through including wanting to abort her and leaving for vacation the night she almost died from Lukemia. Her parents also used her as a pawn between them and that has hurt her.

We are going through Imago counseling and I am willing to keep it up simply because it is helping me to learn to heal her wounds for her and give her the love she really wants.

My W went through he!! as a child and didnt deserve for me to put her through it again as an adult. I have seen what I need to do to help her.

Thanks again.

BH-me 32
Married 5 yrs. together for 8
EA for a week went PA and WW immediately left home leaving everything behind.