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Well she came back and said that she is still confused.. we talked a little that night and she said that she need a day or so to sort things out. I said ok and we did not talk about it yesterday, but last night after I told her that I had a dead line in mind for a answer and if I did not get one that I would file the papers( I was not mean or anything and I took the basic concepts into it) she said the she did not want a divorce or to split our family up.. Sha said that she did not think of it as an affair just as an old freind that she had not seen in 19 years and that she is trying to figure out if we can work or not.That she is not sure that she can give our marriage 110 percent and that is what she is trying to work at. My wedding ring was broke and she picked it up and I told her not to give it back till she could tell me that she was staying and willing to work on US

This is not MB approach at all. This is a lovebuster. Breaking the wedding ring is a buster. Learn to be cool and firm.

Finding a male friend -is going to break a family up. No questions. Use this as the stick.

Read plan A in the articles above.

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