She is a serial cheater. She has no right to anything but complete and total transparency. Tell her that her not allowing transparency only proves that she doesn't love you. She is still having the affair. That is the only reason to hide her laptop. Please read the posts by people like. BHFF, Zenwolf, and a hundred others who were told "it was an invasion of their privacy too" Some of them went for months and months begging pleading, for their wives to stop. In many cases they did not put their foot down until to late. If you act in fear of losing her instead of whats right. She will eat cake until you have no self respect left. She does not respect you. She cannot love you if she does not respect. Many here will disagree with me. Many won't. But if you allow her to keep the laptop, passwords, and records from you, you can bet she is still seeing this man and having sex with him. This is your family. Are you willing to fight for it?