Ok heres the lastest.. she did not move out our 13 year old went to the bathroom and after I told her she needed to leave I went to check on her and held her for awhile with my wife standing at the door. Our duaghter then went and hugged her mom and said that she just wanted it all to go away and my wife said she wanted the same. They sat on the camode and my dauther asked me to give her mom one more chance and I did not want to, but had to explain to my daughter why I was doing what I was and she just continued to ask my to please give mom another chance.. My wife then asked me to please do the same and I asked her to talk to me and tell me why I should after being lied to over and over and she said that she did not want to lose me and did not want to leave and agreed to tell him goodbye.. she has had email contact with him that she said she would send me a copy of all that was said and did most of the time but I am not sure all of it... I then came home early tuesday and found them chatting on line and she said that she had plans to forward that as well but I just don't know what to beleive. she told me to trust my heart that is was right and that she loved me and I was her life and her love. She was all nice that afternoon but the next day she was right back to being her old self(cold and distant to some extent not as bad as she was) and did forward me one email that he sent her. Today I told her that I wanted no contact with him for 5 months and I know that he will continue to contact her and that I did not want her to respond in any manner and if I found out that she has in that time period that the marriage was over and that I will file the papers and there will not be another chance.. I give it five months because that is our 19 year old daughters birthday and he has plans on surprising her in person.

well I will keep you guys informed ..Thanks to all that help