No, I don't work for MB. I'm just a cell phone and two-way radio guy. We recognized a need within our church and community and set about trying to build a marriage ministry. Drop me an email and I'll send you my breakdown of the book. I selected FILSIL because it includes everything in one book that you need to implement Marriage Builders including the questionnaires.

Teaching is easy for me as the result of doing it as a Sunday school teacher for many years. Having studied MB for a while and seeing how it worked in our marriage led me to begin with it rather than a lot of other stuff that's out there right now. Our pastor is heading up the Home Builders stuff and I am handling the MB end of things. We're looking at what we are going to do going forward, but it is sure to include a bunch of small groups.

Round 1 went really well. We even had a get together a couple of weeks ago with the group that went through it the first time. If this time goes as well as the first, we're all set...