Okay, everyone. This is supposed to be a support forum, and not an attack forum. I've said that Its over between them, she has confessed every detail, we are taking great strides towards repairing what was broken, and there's no doubt in my mind that we love eachother and we're going to have a stronger marraige when we get through this. So, I understand that everybody might be projecting their own situations onto mine, but there's NO need for a polygraph, NO need to dwell on the fact that she slept with a friend of mine, and no need to be so unbelievably suspicious that she's still lying, still messin around, whatever. You simply don't know our relationship, so there's no need to make suggestions like that. So please try and stay constuctive. PLEASE.

Since some may have misinterpreted my story, let me clarify. The guy and his family were good friends of ours. He invited her to lunch, after asking me, and they talked for an hour. They continued to talk every day after that for two weeks. It started out as a purely EA. On week 3, she met him in person for the first time since it started, and it was just for coffee. The next week, same thing, but it turned physical at that point. He made the move on her both times, and that has been admitted and confirmed by him. All parties know that sex was not the reason she met with him on the three occasions. But when you establish the level of emotional connection that they had, it's no big surprise that it went further.

So, please stop makin it sound like she's some slut who jumped this random guy after lunch, because it was nothing like that. This forum is supposed to be for emotional support to enable my healing process, not to create more negative feelings for my W. She's been my best friend since college, we love eachother more than anything, she's an amazing mother and wife, and I understand that we're all human and we all make major F ups in our life. Maybe if some of you all took more time to realize that, you wouldve been able to repair your own relationships.

BS (Me): 32
WW: 32
D-Day: 12/28/09 (fresh in my mind)