There's one thing you don't know, but we that have recovered our marriage know - is that you you will be going through several phases. It took two years to R my M. The good people here helped me through my phases. You are just now starting to experience the phases - the SF, the questioning of the timeline. Don't be so quick to forgive your WW - she hasn't earned it yet. Below is a link to a letter from a wayward wife from Harley on what it takes to recover a marriage. I would give it to your WW.

Harley response to Wayward Wife on rules to recover marriage

You have to understand some of us have been here for years. Your situation is not unique or new. Many have come so quick to forgive their WS only to find out more information they didn't have earlier.

Below is another link to a article that should make sense to you on forgiving...


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