I am sitting here watching a movie, Purple Hearts, where the couples (married and bf/gf) are all in bad relationships. The married couple have drifted apart. The husband is having phone sex in the livingroom, and the wife runs into an ex-boyfriend, who she has a lot in common with. They are both writers, at different stages of their careers. The husband decides to leave the wife, because he isn't attracted to her anymore, and she moves out of their home, and begins dating her ex-boyfriend.

So my question is this, if you feel that your marriage isn't doing anything for you, and you truly find yourself miserable in your marriage, and you aren't cheating or otherwise committing adultery, is it okay to make the decision to divorce to pursue a life with someone that will add to your happiness and growth?

Just curious what people think about this, although I am not sure if I am being clear (or linear, as my bestfriend would say.)


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WH: 43

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