I know that certain things about my life and how I was raised affected my behavior. But all I really needed to do about that was identify it, learn how to let go of it, and change patterns. I think the idea of dissecting every painful event and thought we have ever had is NOT healing; it's just navel gazing and keeps us stuck. I am a thinker, so I could sit in this chair and analyze why I think, what I think, how I think it, and how it all makes me think I feel for the rest of my life -- literally. This does not give me depth or heal my psyche, it just means I atrophy and the dishes don't get done.

Bottom line for me, the deep thinking bipolar who is adopted and suffered sexual abuse, ACTION is the key. I can visualize forgiving my abuser all day long. If my present life and marriage are crappy, none of that matters.

I am not opinionated at all am I? Maybe I should ponder that for awhile.....:)