Chris makes some very important points.

AFAIK one cannot legally get ADs without a medical doctor's prescription. That often means seeing a *psychiatrist* (not a psychologist, who cannot write prescriptions). Sure, a person can often go to their GP and talk them into writing a script for the latest feel-good drug they saw advertised on TV, but is that recommended? IMO, no.

Then, the psychiatrist will hopefully monitor the patient or have them continue to see a psychologist or other IC, because it is highly unethical to hand out ADs like candy and not follow up. There are many different kinds of ADs and it is NOT a one-size-fits-all. There are many side effects, some dangerous, including an increased risk of SUICIDE when starting new ADs.

There are more reasons to see an IC than just to "yap about their childhood."

I *strongly* urge ppl seeing an IC and starting new ADs to NOT suddenly stop seeing their IC.

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