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Then, the psychiatrist will hopefully monitor the patient or have them continue to see a psychologist or other IC, because it is highly unethical to hand out ADs like candy and not follow up. There are many different kinds of ADs and it is NOT a one-size-fits-all. There are many side effects, some dangerous, including an increased risk of SUICIDE when starting new ADs.

I agree that one should see a psychiatrist to get on AD's if they are depressed; that is exactly what Dr Harley recommends. And this guy has done this. However, that misses the point. He is seeing an IC to yap about his childhood. THAT is the issue. That is a waste of time, JUST AS DR HARLEY STATES.

disgustedandsad, stick to what Dr Harley says, and don't believe for a minute that your husband has to resolve issues of the past in order to resolve his marriage problems. HE DOES NOT. It is a good way to keep your H coming back for years, accomplishing nothing. As you can see, nothing has changed while your marriage crumbles more and more every day.

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