You aren't a psychologist either are you? My question to you is: How do you know what my occupation / field of expertise is and how is it relevent here? All of us (SAHMs, SAHDs, bus drivers, painters, musicians, bankers, lawyers, construction workers, clerks, dental hygienists, astheticians, etc) in the MB forum are using our own individual interpretations of Marriagebuilders concepts & what Dr H has written in books and newsletters and we are discussing things and working through our issues here. Are you asking me to stop doing what is normally done in the forum ?

I saw what Dr H wrote in the Marriagebuilders newsletters about ineffective therapists keeping their patients trapped in an ongoing therapy do-loop...which is what you seem to be referring to in this discussion as well as the discussion where you discouraged me from seeking the help of an IC. The thing is - I also found several comments in the Marriagebuilders newsletters which supports my POV in this particular discussion. IMO, your suggestion conflicts with a concept which was clearly laid for me when I read what Dr H wrote in the newsletters pertaining to Addiction & Depression: Addiction and Depression must be treated before work on the marriage can begin. It also seems in poor form to advise someone to take money set aside for treatment of mental health issues and spend it on Marriagebuilders (assuming it's an either-or choice.)

With regard to DAS's H, I stand by my original opinion. believe that if he has a diagnosis of "Depression" and he is taking psychotropic medication, he should be under a physician's care.

As I said before my hope for DAS is that she & her H can beging working on their marriage asap and that her H experiences mental health & wellness.

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