So I exposed tonight. I have no major insight, except that I would say DEFINITELY space your messages at least 60 seconds apart (and maybe every 10 or so wait a bit longer). I got shut down, sadly:) Still got quite a few done, but I wish I'd been able to do more. So I don't know what the difference is with some people saying 30 seconds, or you can do a few close together. Didn't work for me. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Good luck!

Married: 22 years
Me: BW 41
Him: WH 43
Sons: 19, 17, 12
Daughter: 16
DD 8/09
EA started 8/08
PA started 7/09
Brief recovery of a few months in there.
Separated 10/10
Legal Separation 8/11
Plan B 5/17/12
Plan D 5/31/12

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