During the audience with engaged couples on Valentine's Day, some young people asked Pope Francis some advice to face marriage life and start together a new path of life.

Here is what Pope Francis told them: "Marriage needs to be worked upon every day, it is like doing a "craftsman" job!
Man helps his wife to be a better woman, and the woman helps her husband to be a better man.

The secret for a successful marriage is enclosed in three words: "EXCUSE ME, THANK YOU, I AM SORRY".

EXCUSE ME: courtesy is one of the qualities of God, sister of love.
We need to be able to enter into other people's lives with courtesy.
Courtesy protects love.

THANK YOU: being thankful is an important feeling, gratitude is a "flower growing in a noble land". Nobility of the mind is necessary in order to nourish gratitude. We need to be aware that the other person is a "gift of God". And for the gifts we receive we say "thanks!".

I AM SORRY: we say "sorry", because we all make mistakes, all of us, who doesn't? Raise your hand if you never make mistakes! Every person makes at least one mistake each day. The Bible says that even the righteous makes mistakes seven times a day. Therefore, let us FORGIVE, ALWAYS! In fact, let us always say SORRY! Let's not behave like Adam who, when God asked him, 'Adam, you ate the fruit I had forbidden you to eat?' he replied 'It was her, it's all her fault!'. We must not be like Adam, we must not blame others. Instead, we must acknowledge our own faults, we must say sorry and recognize our errors! Never forget to make peace before the day ends.