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Are there any success stories out there about making your marriage work with an OC?

No, but we have endless stories of devastation, resumed affairs and broken marriages when the wayward spouse stays in touch with the OC. The marriage is wrecked because the couple is perpetually reminded of the tragedy of the affair.

Your husband's feelings for the OW will be perpetually triggered so the likelihood of the affair resumption is great. We have one couple who did stay in touch like you are suggesting and her husband got the OW pregnant with a 2nd child.

What you are doing is putting your own children at great risk to accommodate this OC. Your marriage is all they have. That is their greatest source of security and by opening this door you are putting the COM [children of marriage] at great risk.

You also make it much harder for the OW to find a daddy for the little girl. It will be harder for her to find a father for her with your husband hanging around.

You are walking right into perilous waters and will hurt everyone, EVERYONE. No one benefits from your plan.

Your sentiments are ill placed and ill advised. Think of your own children first!

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