shadypie...i'm about 1 year out. D-Day was May 2013, OC will be 1 next week.

We have NC and will never have contact. That was my husbands decision before he even told me about OW/OC. When she told him she was pregnant 5 months along and it could be his or someone elses he told her right then an there he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby or anything else. He had stopped the affair before finding out she was pregnant, and the funny thing is he was calling her for advice on how to make things work with me and get me back. I know that must have killed her knowing that whole time she was pregnant with what might be his kid and he was only concerned on how to get me back. But she always knew she was nothing but a quick lay, she accepted that, but now wanted more from him? that's her problem.

i was so happy that he wanted NC from day 1. I did look up OW/OC on facebook too and although I am starting to see some resemblance of OC to the family. It doesn't bother me. I feel bad for the little girl, but it's her mothers fault to let herself get pregnant by TWO men who both had families at home. Her mother choose to have her knowing she wouldn't have a father in her life either way. If her mother had chosen she didn't want her, she could have dropped her off at the fire station no questions asked. Too bad our H's don't get the same choice and are stuck paying CS.

I read one of your posts about how dare the OW ask for child support. That is something I struggle with also. OW and our H's were never living together and she was never being supported by our H's. OW choose on her on to carry the pregnancy to term, she was the only one that wanted to have a baby. How dare she then cry to my H that she can't do it alone. Why didn't you think about that before screwing around with multiple men with no birth control? it kills me.

Anyways...I agree with everyone else. I think you're making a huge mistake letting OW back in. Especially since it seems you haven't really healed your marriage much.

I am BS
D day was May 23, 2013
NC with OC