Anyone have any reasoning why studies indicate up to 80% of divorce is filed by the wife?

Expectations? We can ponder all we want, but if we look into the philosophy of marriage and what it symbolizes you'll notice that there is less marriage and the divorce rate is fairly stable at 50%. Christian or non christian.

I climb out on a limb, but I think it is expectations. Women want a woman in a mans body. The lack of respect I've receieved in my marriage a long with how my now 18 year old daughter treats me (the exact same as my wife) with contempt and as a $ machine is sickening.

The two of them all but tried to castrate my son this past summer. I let it go on for way too long, and finally flipped. My son is 15 and I am not going to go into it, but I had to literally defend his "boyhood". They wanted him acting like a girl.

I am having a very hard time right now and ask for prayers. My wife continues to blow sunshine up my daughters [censored] while giving her $ for anything (daughter doesn't have a job, and not trying). My son is going through the awkward teenage boy stuff and my wife cannot grasp it. He is quiet where he use to talk a lot. One of the top soccer players on his team, going to state! He is at a private school known for academics and has all A/b, and struggles with math with a D/C in that one course. We have to stay on top of him, but my gosh!

My wife makes it seem like the 2nd coming!!! I have never thought of divorce, but I have today. He is literally growing before our eyes. He goes to bed at 8-8:30. That is too early for my wife and she thinks he is doing porn. He does not have access to anything that would show it. Basic phone, no screen. No iphone/ipod, no tv/cable/satellite, no computer. She has combed his room. I've talked to him.

I am going insane and loosing it by the minute...