Raven,<P>I have been following this thread and I guess I have a few comments.<P>First, you are right you should not compromise your beliefs.<P>Second, since these demands have increased since the affair, I would guess they may have to do with depression and guilt. I know this sounds weird, but if he is depressed he may be looking for something to "jump start him" emotionally. Note I said emotionally, the activities you have mentioned have nothing to do with sexual desire per se. <P>I could be he is trying to feel something again: your love as demonstrated by doing these acts, your shame if you do these acts for him, his embarressment if he allows another man with you, and perhaps his guilt.<P>You stated that to some extent a few if not all of these have been areas of interest to him. Again, I will go back to emotions or the lack of them, could be from something that happened to him earlier in life, could be a level of depression that has existed for a long time, or it could be something else, but it is not lack of sex that is driving this. <P>Whatever this is about, <B>this is not about sex or sexual satisfaction</B>. It has to do with his emotions and feelings. Obviously counseling would really help if you can get him to go there. <P>I have no idea if I am right in your situation, but maybe my thoughts will trigger some ideas from your position of knowing him much better than I.<P>Good Luck and God Bless,<P>JL