I truly appreciate the insight at this time. This has been a tough pill to swollow.

I know it doesn�t matter in the big picture but this guy she ran off with was expelled from HS, dabbles or does sell marijuana and it is know through even some of DD18 girlfriends that he has had multiple sex partners.

Anyway, very hard to come to terms with handing her over cash that she will likely use for the most inappropriate things.

We agree of how to handle and she must see this for herself and we pray that she comes out of it somewhat unscathed?

She texted my wife today and said she was going to the Verizon store to see why her phone was not letting her make phone calls and that she would call one of us later today.

What should we say to her IF she calls? What is she asks for money for her phone to be fixed? That is her lifeline to us the way I look at it?

Do we not encourage her to return home, or just offer that we are here for her and always available to help whenever she is in need.

What is she tries to convince us this is a good thing that she needs for herself all while we know what a piece of
$&@� this OM is?

DD18 May also request to come to house to get her belongings she left behind? Do we give her what is hers?

One final question about the graduation money? On her way out she stole $40 from her younger sisters room. DD14 is quit upset about this and entire situation. Do we subtract that $40 from her money before giving it back to her?

Thank you all again!