Trying to talk myself back into a better mind frame and react how I am really feeling.

DD18 has had suspiciously very little contact with any of us for almost a month.

About a week ago she told my wife via email only that she had dropped her cell phone in the toilet and she would be unable to receive calls or texts until it sat in rice to help try and fix?

Knowing my DD18 her whole life the emails and conversations don�t even sound like her writing them? It sounds almost like this guy she left with is the one communicating with us to keep us satisfied that she is ok and to keep us at bay?

It like he allows just enough to keep us from pursuing her and he has always been present when she is in communication with us.

DD18 said she was working in the area in Delaware she fled to, them an ex boyfriend of hers happened to see a google doc resume online that gave an address in the Bronx NYC?

I am really trying hard not to think the worst but this is not like her even in her worst moments.

I�ve tried to stay on course and just tell her we love her and would like to see her and it doesn�t even sound like her when she replies. It seems very scripted and she always signs her name in her email replies which she never did?

I even offered to replace her cell phone telling her we always want to have a way to speak with her but we would need an address to send the new device to?

She totally shut down and quit responding?

Should I be involving the authorities to make sure she didn�t get in too deep and is being held against her own will?

My wife is trying to arrange so we can see her but it always seems to fall apart or be diverted with some excuse or reason.

DD18 actually came into town over July 4th and didn�t even reach out to see any of us. When asked she said they weren�t even planning on originally coming there. This guy she is with is bad news and so is his family from what I�ve heard.

I just don�t want to be missing something and be making a big mistake.