I understand the mindset explained here and I humbly have taken this course with my DD18 who still remains living with this boyfriend.

I realize there is nothing I can do. Wife and I continue to speak with her on a very strange and limited basis over snap chat because a couple weeks back her cell phone was ruined when she told us �she dropped it in the toilet �.

I have come to terms that DD18 made her own decision to leave everyone and everything behind in clouding her college education, car and family but what I just can�t seem to grasp is why you have to give everything up in your life in pursuit of this relationship?

I actually took Dr. H advise and engaged in an email conversation with this new boyfriend.

He stated that �we� didn�t like him and made it too difficult for the two of them to see each other.

I told him that I can not cast that judgement on him because I never had the opportunity to get to know the real him and could only witness over the past year from a distance who my daughter was becoming since engaging in this relationship.

I also expressed my concern for her future because she had given up on all other things and that I didn�t understand why their relationship couldn�t continue but DD18 could also build her life in the process?

Boyfriend stated that he never got in the way of DD18 continuing her education and actual encouraged it. He said DD18 decisions are hers to make and he stays out of it.

I pretty much ended the conversation with an invite to sit down and speak with us in our home.

He declined to meet in our home and preferred to meet in a public place where he felt less intimidated.

I have basically spoke with DD18 for 2 hours in person since she left, and a total of maybe a half hour over the phone.

DD18 car still remains in our driveway with wife and I pmakingnpayments and keeping insured.

DD18 indicated in one conversation that her and boyfriend were close to getting money together to pay of balance of car?