Hi Living Well

No I haven’t told BF this yet. I will do though.

It’s all been going well and I even feel BF falling really in love with me again. He is contacting me all day every day, I am seeing him daily and we are enjoying each other’s company.

I feel myself acting so differently with him, I am much warmer towards him than I was before. We were in a really bad place before cold and angry with each other most of the time.

My anxiety about everything has started to go away. I now actually feel a bit sorry for him that he is missing out on so much with his children. I also feel like he really doesn’t want to live apart from us all. The anxiety is mainly to do with his ambivalence and hot / cold behaviour towards me.

I seem to be growing in confidence day by day. As
My confidence and positivity grows he seems to want to be closer to me.