Here is my main question. We are closing in on 2 years since he ended his affair. At first I tried so hard and he tried to, then my anger set in. I've gone through the stages of mourning one by one. <P>I am not sure if I am in the stage of acceptance now, or if I just don't care anymore.<P>For so long I would go out of my way to make sure he wasn't mad and if he was I would worry and want to cry, or I would get angry and defensive, or even lash out and become accusatory. Now I just feel that it is another day of him being mad. Another shortcoming on my part. Another day less of my life.<P>I would like to think that now that my inner turmoil is calming that there might be room for the rebuilding of my feelings toward him, because for the past year I have been motivated by fear, not love. In the absence of the fear can love grow again? Should I worry that I don't feel much of anything right now? <P>Yes, I'm on antidepressants [Linked Image from].<P>I have been so busy doing something (anything, everything) to try to save my marriage. Is what I'm feeling now a form of withdrawal because I'm done doing, or is it realization that what I was so busy doing for so long just isn't working?