BrownEyes - You are not alone. This is a terrible thing that has happened. My H's affair began on the internet - they never had cyber or phone sex, but they met twice! He had to fly two hours to another city! We live in Canada - she in the States! They "Fell in Love". It is so easy to fall for someone online - what a "safer" place. You can expose yourself without danger. She met all his needs online to the point where he excluded me totally. By the time they met they were already connected and in love. I was completely blindsided by this. I knew something was up - we weren't really talking - sex was intermittent and he was staying up late at the computer instead of coming to bed. He decided it was all over between us before he even talked to me - and this woman even told him to talk to me. (However, she had huge needs to fill as well, so she didn't have the morals to NOT meet with him - arrrgh). Anyway - we are four months into recovery. My H cannot tell me loves me which is the most hurtful thing. We are in counselling, talking, having great sex, and really trying hard to reconnect although I know my H misses OW terribly some days. The internet is a powerful thing - dare I say evil. It is addictive, like a drug. BUT - my husband is with me, and even on the night of dday he slept in our bed with me. A sign? I don't know, but we are very close physically these days. He could have easily jumped on a plane to be with her, and she could have easily done the same! I have to hang on to the hope that his love for me still exists, buried somewhere inside him. Still lots of work ahead.<BR>I hope just hearing my story helps and that you know there is hope.