Yes,<P>especially if you are a Thinking person, because you have to make sense to learn from it. at times it makes sense, but at other times, you just look back and say, why did i not see this, or that.<P>Why did I change? well i changed for the better, but did STBX? what were the values that we disagreed over? <P>how do I explain this to my kids? When can I tell my kids I think their mom is all F@!#$%^ up? when they are in college? tomorrow?<P>how? why? when?<P>it takes time, and a vacation and a new job is what will help me.<P>I think I am about to quit my job monday, and from there, go on a three month vacation, until february. then I will be better.<P>it takes time and work for your brain to process all that has happened, and it will, slowly. if it doesn't get better, start talking with a head doctor, that will help alot.<P>been there, am still with you, hope to leave it someday<P>thl