A couple of weeks ago I got my wife a couple of valentine's day cards <BR>and a big stuffed animal from hallmark.<P>I was going to wait till this saturday when we go to the movies to give <BR>them to her. I got off work this morning and decided that today is <BR>valentine's day not saturday, so I'll go home pick the cards and animal <BR>up and take them to her work. <P>She loved the animal. She got teary eyed at the cards. We talked <BR>briefly, she gave me a hug and thanked me for the cards and stuffed <BR>animal. As I was going out the door she said that she would call me <BR>thursday. I turned around and told her that I love her. She said that <BR>she loves me too, and started crying. I held my own tears till I got to <BR>my truck. I cried almost all the way home. I came to the conclusion that <BR>it is pretty hard to drive in a pouring rain while one is crying. LOL<P>Why in the hell didnt I wait till saturday to give her those things. I <BR>think it would have made it easier on her. If it would have been easier <BR>on her, it would be easier on me.<P>When she told me that she loves me too. It felt like a chill winter wind <BR>going through my body all the way to the depths of my soul for some <BR>reason. I think the reason is that I think that I will never be able to <BR>hold her again, be able to kiss her again.<P>We'll see how it goes saturday night. If it pains me like it did today, <BR>then I think we shouldnt see each other till she finds out what she <BR>wants.<P>I am one confused individual right now <BR>