Inamess<P>I can certainly relate to your anger and frustration. I was a betrayer also and I think you are feeling this way because you didn't have control on the situation.<P>Your hurt because the OM seems to show no remorse and could care less. This is a very humiliating feeling-believe me I know. <P>You feel so used and rejected and sooooo stupid because you fell for all those lines the OM told you.<P>Your thinking I got nyself in that situation so that I could feel like this????? <P>You feel shame and guilt and constantly question yourself "how could I have done this? it's so not worth it!"<P>Your angry because here you are trying to make things right and your having to go through all the steps when the whole time he's acting like it never happened.<P>Don't worry your feelings of revenge and anger will fade over time. Just work on you and your H thats all that matters.<P>As for his W finding out I wouldn't worry about it because right now you already have so many other things to consentrate on. It's soooooo not worth your time and energy.<P>And this too shall pass...<P>Just my 2 cents<P>Reina