I usually stay on the P/C boards, but I am really trying to help this new FWW with her abusive H! She has moved away with the baby for their safety, as her H has been and is being abusive in many ways, and right now is being VERY verbally abusive.

She posted on Plan A/B and they suggested that she post here. Is there anyone who can help her out with this. She truly wants to save her M, but from what she's been able to share on the P/C board, I feel it would not be safe for her to go back home at this time, that her H needs help with his anger/abuse issues first. If anyone can help her over on P/C so she can get through this, it would be greatly appreciated! Her "name" is "eacl" and she has a couple posts, most current is "He's Marrying Her" and her first post is "I had a child out of wedlock. Husband Abusive".

Please help her in any way you can, as she realizes her mistakes, and wants to try to save her M!