My wife had an emotional affair than had a physical one with someone else. We have been married for 5.5 years and have 2 kids that we both love very much. She moved out about 6 months ago and filed for divorce. The person that she had the physical affair with is still in the picture. She talkes to him and takes the kids to see him. That makes me mad because the kids think that he is so nice if they only knew the truth. She said that she still loves me just not in a sexual way. She told me that she does not love him that they are just friends and that he understands her. Is there any way for her to get that old feeling back. She thinks that getting the feeling back is not possable. Our divirce date came and she went to court and extended the date and told me it was because of me. Last night she said that she was lonly and wanted to date people and I told her that I wanted to date her and that I am lonly too and she said I do not want to date you. I am los and confused!