Marriage Builders Policy on other Marriage Books and Programs

This announcement is to clarify our policy about the discussion of other marriage books and programs on our forum. Such discussion is acceptable, except on the threads of those seeking help for their marriages. Offering alternative methods to those in need promises to confuse and discourage them, often leading to unnecessary debates. Posters attempting to help should not be put in the position of having to debate basic principles. That is not helpful to anyone, most especially the poster in need.

This is a large board and not every single post is read by the moderating volunteers. If the moderators are not alerted to a specific post mentioning non-mb material it could likely remain. This is not an indication that other times the same material won't be edited nor is it any indication that some posters can say certain things and others can't. Further, sometimes non-MB material and/or links MAY remain on the boards because the specific moderator(s) that read it didn't feel it was a distraction, or they may have even felt it was relevant and helpful. This is within Moderator discretion. Again, MB is about saving and restoring love in as many marriages as possible utilizing the MB principles and processes.

If you want to have such discussions, please feel free to start up a thread in the Other Topics forum. We ask that you do not post links out of respect for our forum host.

Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you,