Hi! I have posted this on every forum. I have been a member here for 7mths and wished for a face to face type of support that could be anonymous. So many of these types of groups have helped people with issues concerning drugs, health ,etc. <P>This support group is being organized through a site I found that has been as helpful as MB. Dear Peggy .com is interested in helping people start a group inwhich we can share our pain and just be supportive during this difficult time. Yes, I know this forum does the same thing but not everyone has access to a computer. So word of mouth can be very helpful.<P>I will not be a leader but collect people with the same issues and find the place and time to meet. If you are interseted in this and live in the Prince George area please e-mail me:<BR>PrinceGeorge.BC.BAN@dearpeggy.com<P>Take care, BECCA<BR>