Hi, all, Just *had* to get in on this one. I am depressive - went undiagnosed for quite awhile because I was a "high-functioning depressive" (sez my counselor - had her fooled!). Have been on antidepressants on & off since 1988, am now on them *permanently*.<p>In the throes of my depression (which can really make you feel dead inside, and also that "nothing will get better" - esp. your marriage!), I had an affair & put my husband through hell. It wasn't until I got the depression licked for good that I got the affair licked for good. I posted to the "Infidelity" part of the forum yesterday - the general feeling over there is that depression is a factor in many affairs. Please go read that thread; I don't want to freak you out, but the depression coupled with your husbands' emotional withdrawal doesn't sound good to me...I started my affair 14 years ago, my H had a brief one late last summer (& I saw the danger signs - depression & withdrawal - but was unable to prevent it)...we are well on the road to healing (we are also both on antidepressants!) and delighted to be together - but BOY! do I ever wish that "I knew then what I know now" about depression! Good luck ladies, please read the "Depression" post under Infidelity. I hope this is helpful food for thought, & hope I can shine a small light on a condition I know all too well. And it can wreak havoc on a marriage. - Suse