If You Are Trusting God, You Will Be Victorious!!

If you have no doubt in your heart that God can do this difficult
task and you are relying solely upon the Lord, you will be victorious.

God has never lost a battle. No man can stand up to the Lord God

While you go through this trial in your home, know that God's plan
for your life involves everything (ALL) that happens to you. Your
mistakes, your sins, past, present and future. All of your hurts and
misunderstandings. Does that really mean everything, Yes, it does.
Does that mean separation? Yes, Does that mean divorce? Yes, Does
that mean sickness and financial hardship, etc.? Yes!

Everything fits into God's plan. God can bring good out of even the
worst situation. God can bring good out of the worst kind of evil and
He did that on Calvary.

Psalm 139:16. "Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed, and in
your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me when as yet
there were none of them."

That means He saw you when you were being formed in your mother's
womb. When all of the genes were being divided and the cells
dividing and multiplying and forming and shaping and enriching and
becoming something. God saw all that substance and then in His great
book He started to outline every day: Day 1, 2, 3, 4398, 12616,

All my days were written in Your book before there was a single one of
them. Every day. You think there are accidents? Not in the child of
God's life; there are only incidents. God intends to use everything
(good and bad) that happens in your life for good. This bad situation
in your marriage, God will turn it around for your good.

On the other hand, satan, who is the god of this world, intends to use
everything that happens in your life for evil. The enemy works
against you; God is working for you. Satan wants to do just the
opposite and turn everything into rot and ruin.

God designed trials and tests of our faith. God designs opportunities
for growth and development. You must remember that the clay is still
in the divine Potter's hands and that the Artist is at work causing it
to become what He intends that it to be. Not always an easy
process. Your life now is not the result of random chance. Your life
now is not fate. It is not luck. There is a master plan and the
Master is working the plan. God has a master plan, and you can get on
board and He can begin to work that master plan in your life. It is
God that works in us now. He is doing the pushing and shoving. You
and I make mistakes, but God never does. There is not a mistake
anywhere in the master's plan. You and I make mistakes even though we
are part of God's master plan.

If you think you are just going through a series of hard luck
situations, you need to get your thinking spiritualized and out of the
world's way of thinking. It is a series of things working together
for good. Working together for good, not for evil, not for money, not
for reputation, not for position, not for personality, but working
together for good. It does not say that everything in life is good.
It says everything in your life working together can produce good. It
didn't say everything in your life is good or would be good. Jesus
said to us as believers, "Anyone who lives godly in Christ Jesus will
suffer persecution." That is not good. He did not say everything in
life is good. Much of what happens in this world is evil and really
bad. It is relatively easy to bring good out of good. We can do
that, but God specializes in bringing good out of that which is evil
or bad.

I want you to take a look at the family tree of Jesus. Four women are
listed in scripture for us to consider. They are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth
and Bethsheba. Tamar seduced her father-in-law because she wanted to
get pregnant. Rahab was a known prostitute. Ruth was not even Jewish
and broke the law by marrying a Jewish man, and Bethsheba committed
adultery with David, which led to the murder of her husband. You
probably are saying, "It doesn't look to me like a dime's worth of
good in any one of them." Not what you would call sterling
reputations, but God brought good out of all that bad and Jesus came
through that lineage.

God's purpose is far greater than this bad situation in your home.
Repeat: God's purpose is far greater than my problem. What God is
doing is much more important in the universe than your problem or your
pain or predicament. He can use it all for good, if you'll give it to
Him and let Him. If you will trust Him and rely totally upon Him.

Be encouraged and know that it is all for your growth and for His
glory, and His plan is guaranteed to succeed. It will finally be
completed when you get into Heaven. God's goodness and grace doesn't
mean that you will never be hurt. The question is, "What are you
going to do with the hurt and what are you going to allow the hurt to
do to you?" You can do one of two things, get bitter or get better.
It depends on how you respond to the hurt.

God allows the difficulty because He is more interested in your
character than in your comfort. He wants to perfect you, not pamper
you. Sometimes we don't quite understand that. His goal for your
life is holiness, not happiness. Some people think it is just the
opposite. They say, "God is obligated to make me happy." No, He is
obligated to make you holy. That is the reason why, when you became a
child of God, the Holy Spirit come to dwell in you, to make you more
like Him. He always values the spiritual over the material, because
what you become is going to last forever. Draw closer to the Lord and
trust Him. Will you?.

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen