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Posted By: RetiredCop Anna...You've Got Mail - 01/28/04 02:13 AM

I sent an email to you some time ago, but not certain if you got it. Contact me when you have a chance.
Posted By: RetiredCop Re: Anna...You've Got Mail - 01/29/04 10:53 AM
I wanted to bump this back up because I'm not certain you saw this.
Posted By: Anna2000 Re: Anna...You've Got Mail - 01/29/04 12:12 PM
Hey RC,

Thanks for reminding me. You have been such a help to me!

Also Older and Wiser,

RC's reminder also reminded me that in an older thread you said, "Anna, you've got mail." That is about the time I went into a cave, and I just realize that I never got the mail. My email is Could you resend it if possible?

I am not to a point yet that I want to talk about my son. That may sound bad right now but I am praying, thinking, reading on cutting and drug use, teens, talking on the phone about it but when I write about it I tend to start crying so that one I am trying to a avoid for the moment. I think that there is little I can do at this time and I will write an update soon.

Thanks all for caring!!!!


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Posted By: star*fish Re: Anna...You've Got Mail - 01/29/04 01:08 PM

I've had some experience with this. We keep threatening to meet for lunch....please give me a call chere and lets plan it for this weekend okay? I'll come to you if you aren't getting out. Hugs.

Posted By: Anna2000 Re: Anna...You've Got Mail - 01/29/04 05:39 PM

Yes, you are right we definitely need to get together. I have your number at home so if you could email me your number I will call you on my way home from work today.

Thanks so much Star!

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