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Posted By: punky687 The holidays? - 11/27/08 12:12 AM
What do I do for the holidays? We are no longer together, but still live together. Is it okay to spend the holidays with his family. What about Christmas, should I get him something? And his birthday, right before Christmas, do I get him a present then too?
Posted By: MrsFixIt Re: The holidays? - 03/03/09 11:10 AM
Do you still love him? If so I would get him a gift, but I would make it meaningful. Make it something that would make him think of the good times the two of you had together. If you don't love him anymore, then you could get him a gift, just make sure it is platonic. If it could be construed as meaningful, then he may think you want to get back together. Have you talked to him about it? Maybe you should.
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