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Posted By: wings Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 05:07 AM
Hi all.....<BR>I'm curious about the antidepressant Wellbutrin and if anyone has tried it, what kind of results did you have? <P>Thanks for any input!
Posted By: psalm91 Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 05:35 AM
2 years ago, I used Wellbutrin for 45 days to quit smoking, and was VERY pleased with results. Speak to a reliable Pharmasist about how the drug works and interacts, especially if you take any other meds (including over-the-counter, herbal, and supplements!).
Posted By: Mynabird Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 05:37 AM
Well, actually I tried it for about 3 days... that was as long as I could stand not sleeping. Then again, I was on a higher dosage than what you would normally start out on.<BR> On the bright side, if you are a smoker and want to quit smoking, Wellbutrin is the drug for you. I didn't want a cigarette at all. Did you know that the drug Zyban (the quit-smoking drug that's been touted all over the place), is actually Wellbutrin? They (the pharm. co.) just gave it a new name and added $40 to the price. Meanwhile, Wellbutrin can be had for the exact same purpose, at $5 for a week's supply. How's that grip ya? Imagine... people could quit smoking for *$5* a *week*!<BR> Sry, I got long-winded. Keep in mind that anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds affect everyone differently. Most people get the icky side-effects for the first 2-4 weeks, and the drugs don't actually start doing the good stuff until then. Sometimes longer. Be prepared to shop around for a few months, at the least. <BR> I use Paxil, now. Works wonderfully. It's one of the weaker drugs on the market, and has less side-effects.<BR> Good luck,<BR> Mynabird
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 07:31 AM
Thanks Psalm 91 and Mynabird....<BR>I appreciate your opinions. Doctor wants me to try it for anxiety...not sure I want to go that route!<P>
Posted By: K Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/21/00 05:33 AM
wings:<P>I was on Wellbutrin for about 9 months during a Plan A/Plan B stint. I also had initial side effects (insomina, dry mouth), but these were treatable. The insomnia was taken care of by an evening dose of ambien. Within a month, the side effects had pretty much disappeared, and the medication was working well. <P>I'd suggest that you give it a try. And I wasn't aware of any price difference in Zyban or Wellbutrin (mynabird is correct---it's the same drug by Glaxo Wellcome). Remember that your doctor can prescribe ANY drug that they want for the purpose, so if your insurance would cover Wellbutrin and not Zyban---it's Wellbutrin you should be on.<P>Do give the antidepressant medication at least a month to work effectively, and be faithful to taking the meds at the appropriate times.
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 06:44 PM
Thanks, K....<P>Did you have any weight gain on Wellbutrin? <BR>And the Ambien...I've never heard of it. Did you feel rested and able to function during day on this? <P>I so appreciate your response!
Posted By: StillLoveHim Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/20/00 06:55 PM
I was on wellbutrin a few years ago and I think it would of worked ok but the Doctor did not slowly taper up my dosage and I started feeling really spun up. LIke I was on really strong diet pills or something. I couldnt sit still. I had to do something like go out and rake the yard, clean house, etc. I also had anxiety along with it. But it might have been that I started on a high dosage way to fast. Im on prozac, now and it works great, I dont cry near as much,and I sleep like a baby. Good Luck!!!
Posted By: yes_dup18 Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/21/00 08:27 PM
Hi, Wings,<P>I've been on prozac, zoloft, & wellbutrin... not sure I would recommend wellbutrin for anxiety, as it tends to kinda "jazz you up" and can make you feel jittery & revved-up, esp at first, compared to other types of anti-deps. I've had excellent results w/ both the prozac & the zoloft - makes one feel calm yet alert, "together" emotionally. I've also read good things from people about Paxil doing the same for anxiety. <P>Do you know why your doc wants to try you on wellbutrin?
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/21/00 09:54 PM
Hi StillLoveHim and Suse...<BR>Thanks for your replies...your experiences help.<P>To answer your question Suse....<BR>I tried Prozac and didn't like the loss of sex got off of it. That's why we were considering the Wellbutrin, evidently it doesn't have the same side effects..<P>
Posted By: yes_dup18 Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/21/00 11:56 PM
That's why I'm on Zoloft AND Wellbutrin! [Linked Image from]<P>The Wellbutrin seems to counteract the dreaded "molehill out of a mountain" syndrome with the sex drive (I had that problem with both Prozac & Zoloft) - things are pretty normal for me now. FWIW, I'm on 125mg zoloft & 150mg (sustained release) Wellbutrin. After years of dickering around with meds (I have to be on forever... beats being depressed!!), this combination works for me. Not too jittery, AND a sex life! Whoooee!
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 03:24 AM
Hi Suse...<BR>Yeah, the Prozac was definitely not worth losing the old SD...that's for sure. <P>So you take a combo of the two...that's interesting., what does the Zooloft do? Is it also an antidepressant or is that more for anxiety...<BR>Sorry for all the Q's but you are really helping me here! Thanks a million!<P>I'm currently taking Sam-E, which is a natural amino acid that already is present in the body and evidently works just like Prozac without side effects. However, not seeing great results for depression...that's why doctor wants me to think about Wellbutrin...<BR>
Posted By: yes_dup18 Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 03:35 AM
Hi, Wings,<P>Yep, the zoloft is an anti-depressant. Works very similarly to Prozac (both are "SSRI"s: Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor) (wadda mouthful, huh?).<P>I'm on long-term, as I said; there's a strong family history of depression (mild, but there), and I discovered through a lot of trial & error that I simply can't go without! Good thing we have a scrip plan [Linked Image from] . Ka-chingggg! $$$$$<P>Anyway, I had been on prozac for several years, and it gradually stopped working... my counselor calls it "the Prozac Poop" - apparently they've discovered this is one of its drawbacks. First we tried switching me to straight wellbutrin, but I felt jittery, and tho it helped w/ the *depression* part of my depression, it didn't help with my dreaded angry outbursts (another symptom of depression). So we lowered the wellbutrin & added zoloft... voila... calm, undepressed, and FUNCTIONING if you get my drift! [Linked Image from]<P>------------------<BR>~suse~<BR>Rome wasn't built in a day.<BR>
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 07:13 AM
Wow...that is a mouthful! Thanks for the ton of info...I so appreciate knowing all of this. <P>And as far as side effects from the combination...have you noticed anything significant???? Weight gain? Or anything out of the ordinary? <P>Suse, you're an angel taking so much time to supply me with all this info! I'd be searching the internet for days if you hadn't come along! [Linked Image from] <P>Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!!!!<P>Have a good evening....<BR>
Posted By: Doug Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 12:16 PM
Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmm...":<P>Took Wellbutrin for about a year. I never noticed any effects, good or bad. So I decided, why bother? Stopped cold turkey a few months ago, even though you're not supposed to do that.<P>Wife's been on Prozac for about 7-8 years. It seems to have kept her out of the really dark depths, but she's still depressed. She has no sex drive at all, and I believe the Prozac is a contributor there.<P>When my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin for me ('situational depression'), I asked him why that one. He said he preferred it, and it didn't effect sex drive like the others can. I almost said "Well, then give me the Prozac. At least our drives would be the same, then!" [Linked Image from]
Posted By: K Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 01:52 PM
wings:<P>I had no real issue with weight gain on Wellbutrin. I had lost about 20 lbs due to the affair, and some of that came back (because I felt like eating again), but nothing to the excess.<P>SAM-E has been shown to be effective in some cases, but the route of administration has been iv or ip. Oral SAM-E is probably completely degraded in the gut, and you don't get any higher circulating levels than your body naturally has.
Posted By: wings Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 06/22/00 03:19 PM
Thank you Doug and K! <BR>I wouldn't suggest Prozac, Doug...I really didn't notice much change except loss of sex drive and that's not a way to live!<P>K...thanks for the info on Sam-E...<BR>I appreciate knowing that, not to mention it's way too expensive, especially for something that just sits disolves in your belly.. <P>Wellbutrin is sounding better every day.<P>
Posted By: almostbroken Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 08/10/01 01:36 AM
Hi all,<BR> I haven't taken wellbutrin (although I definitely need it and plan to start soon), but I'm a healthcare provider and can probably share some info. Wellbutrin is not a SSRI - it has a different mechanism of action. I thought the posts about sexual side effects were interesting. It, unlike SSRIs, does not decrease libido according to the literature - and my patients have seemed to agree with this. Although I've never heard this complaint, I guess it could be possible that it delays orgasm without decreasing libido. It is currently under FDA review to be used to INCREASE libido. Of course, under the name Zyban, it is used as an aid to stop smoking. It is also under review to be used as a weight loss aid. On a medical message board that I'm on, there was an interesting thread lately that ended with someone summing up wellbutrin by saying that it "makes you eat less, smoke less, and have sex more". Hmmm - not bad.
Posted By: Distrusting Re: Has anyone tried Wellbutrin? - 08/10/01 04:07 AM
I've been on Wellbutrin for over 2 years and I love it. I have problems that cause fatigue and it definitely helps combat that. And since I'm already a lifelong insomniac, I didn't notice a difference there, but as you've read, it can affect sleep patterns.<P>As far as your concern for gaining weight, that's not an issue with Wellbutrin. As a matter of fact, it has the opposite effect and often aids you in losing a few pounds. <P>It's a peppy drug, that's for sure. But, you need to be aware of the risk of seizures, albeit slim, there is more of a risk on Wellbutrin as opposed to other antidepressants. Your physician can inform you of things in your medical history that may be of concern.<P>Good luck. I love this drug and I hope it works well for you.<P>------------------<BR><I>The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.<BR>Helen Keller</I>
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