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Posted By: broken_in_east_TN I wish I would have waited - 02/14/01 02:41 PM
A couple of weeks ago I got my wife a couple of valentine's day cards <BR>and a big stuffed animal from hallmark.<P>I was going to wait till this saturday when we go to the movies to give <BR>them to her. I got off work this morning and decided that today is <BR>valentine's day not saturday, so I'll go home pick the cards and animal <BR>up and take them to her work. <P>She loved the animal. She got teary eyed at the cards. We talked <BR>briefly, she gave me a hug and thanked me for the cards and stuffed <BR>animal. As I was going out the door she said that she would call me <BR>thursday. I turned around and told her that I love her. She said that <BR>she loves me too, and started crying. I held my own tears till I got to <BR>my truck. I cried almost all the way home. I came to the conclusion that <BR>it is pretty hard to drive in a pouring rain while one is crying. LOL<P>Why in the hell didnt I wait till saturday to give her those things. I <BR>think it would have made it easier on her. If it would have been easier <BR>on her, it would be easier on me.<P>When she told me that she loves me too. It felt like a chill winter wind <BR>going through my body all the way to the depths of my soul for some <BR>reason. I think the reason is that I think that I will never be able to <BR>hold her again, be able to kiss her again.<P>We'll see how it goes saturday night. If it pains me like it did today, <BR>then I think we shouldnt see each other till she finds out what she <BR>wants.<P>I am one confused individual right now <BR>
Posted By: Sisyphus Re: I wish I would have waited - 02/14/01 02:58 PM
Being "on time" for Valentine's Day is priceless. Having an emotional outpouring during your visit makes it even more valuable. Yes, it hurts you now. Hopefully, it keeps her feelings on the boil too. Do your best on Saturday, and don't worry about how broken up you feel today.
Posted By: cinderella Re: I wish I would have waited - 02/14/01 04:10 PM
As a woman, I can assure you that being on time was the right thing to do. I'm so sorry it was painful though.<P>I can sort of understand your pain. The first Valentine's Day after my x left was pretty miserable as it was also our anniversary.<P>Part of your pain probably comes from the uncertainty and lack of control you feel. I, too, have been there as have most of us here. Personally, I would have had a much harder time surviving it if it had not been for my faith in God.<P>Hang in there. It sounds like you're doing well.<P>While I didn't know about Harley's plan A at the time I went through my ordeal, it works for so many people that I hope you'll study up on it and try it. It may not save your marriage but it might save your self-esteem.
Posted By: ThisAlex Re: I wish I would have waited - 02/16/01 04:46 AM
Timing is priceless, yours was impeccable.<P>Having lost the wife in circumstances too similar to yours I understand you (and her) very well. Don't give up as yet. When you do, be ready to let go... to <B>REALLY</B> let go.<P>Alex<P>------------------<BR><B>Live fully and always learn</B>
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