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Posted By: Stacia_Lee An update from a really old oldie... - 05/15/16 12:49 PM
I doubt many of the folks that were here while I was are still hanging around, but if you are, here goes...

15 yrs ago, I found out about H's A and coming OC. We had separated before I found out, but the A had taken place well before the separation.
I came here when Lil Bit was about 6 months old. Lots of drama(search "a little background" for more details) and many ups and downs came over the next few years.
Yes, we had contact. OW began giving up her time with Lil Bit and we filed for custody and got full custody on our 10th anniversary. CS was ordered, but wasn't paid very long.
Before Lil Bit turned 5, contact stopped. We didn't stop it, OW did all on her own.
We moved away and due to H's work transfer the courts approved the move. All contact information remained unchanged and still no contact from OW.
We moved back to the area about 3 years later, saw OW in CS court once but still no contact.
After 14 years of patience and not having the finances to file to adopt Lil Bit as my own, we finally did it!
No contact from OW, all last summer was spent trying to locate her, to no avail.
Finally, after proving reasonable attempts to locate her, I was allowed the right to adopt my Lil Bit!
14 yrs of labor! Longest labor ever!
But now, my baby girl (soon to be 15) is MINE!
No more worrying about losing her!

Lil Bit is finishing up her freshman year of high school, Mac is finishing 6th grade. .. and Miracle baby Bug is finishing kindergarten!

There is so much more to tell, but P/C isn't really the board for all that anymore...


Posted By: Bellevue Re: An update from a really old oldie... - 05/15/16 03:05 PM
I remember you. Your situation was very unusual, and I remember your posts about Lil Bit. I'm glad to read that your family is together and happy and wish you well.
Stacia Lee, I haven't been here in ages. Congratulations on the adoption of Lil bit. You are a good woman.
Posted By: Autumn Day Re: An update from a really old oldie... - 01/08/17 02:32 AM

I haven't peeked in for a long time. So great to read your wonderful news! I can't believe lil bit is in high school! Time goes way too quickly. I hope you are well.
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