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Posted By: Autumn Day heavenly, heavenly...& OB1 too - 09/25/03 07:31 PM
Hey heavenly...

You didn't really leave, did you?

If you did...get back here!! [Smile]

I for one, love and appreciate your posts, as I know SO many others do too!!

You have so much wisdom to offer. You have been to hell and back, and are living proof of the peaceful life found through forgiveness.

You are loved, needed and wanted here!!

Also, OB1...I know what you mean, it is difficult to hear OC's being referred to in the manner they have been. It is also difficult to swallow that (former) cheating women are nothing more than dirt on the bottom of a shoe, or whatever. However, I think it's best to ignore those kind of generalizations, and not take them personally. I would hope they are not directed at anyone on here personally, but rather to her own x-ow, (that in itself is very sad, but she is entitled to her own beliefs).

I just don't want to see anyone hurt. Don't want anyone misled, and sure don't want to see anymore of you very dear "oldies" to leave!

Take good care.
Posted By: ohbratti1 Re: heavenly, heavenly...& OB1 too - 09/25/03 08:12 PM
double post

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Posted By: ohbratti1 Re: heavenly, heavenly...& OB1 too - 09/25/03 08:19 PM
Thanks, Autumn. I’m just retreating to the corner, for a bit, to lick my wounds. It doesn’t matter one bit what anyone calls me…whether it’s justified or not. I’m made of tougher stuff than that. But my little guy, otherwise known as OC, is my weak spot. He’s not everyone’s precious little man, but he is to me. It pains me to know that there are people out there that would deliberately, and with malice, set out to cause injury, in whatever form, to a child. When someone mentions a child, I think of Jonas. When a child is hurt, I think of Jonas. Heck, when the Feed the Children promos, come on, I think of Jonas…and I cry. I become a blubbering idiot. With so much children’s despair in this world, it leaves me stunned that a grown woman would happily add to it…and for what? To protect her assets (yes, I know, she says she did it for her children)? I’m sorry, but I see more than that. I see a woman with an axe to grind (against OW), and is using a child as the weapon. The advice she gives is sound…to a point, but the malice behind it turns my blood cold. I’m usually more tempered and really dislike taking overly strong positions because I know that I am a guest on this forum, but THIS time, THIS poster...

No worries, Aut. I’m not leaving, just regrouping....and that's one promise this piece of dirt, evil OW intends to keep (just kidding). [Wink]

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