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Posted By: alis How to be a friend in recovery - 10/27/16 12:01 PM
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've stopped by and life is good. I have a question.

H and I moved to a small town for work a month ago. He works with all men. In the past year, one of those men (OM) had an affair with another coworkers wife (BH and WW).

BH did nuclear exposure and OM was sent away from the town by human resources (BH said get him out before I kill him myself).

So, anyways, WW seems very keen to be friends with me. On one hand, I feel uncomfortable. After all, I know she is willing to betray her H like that, with a guy he used to sit next to all day? Yikes. On the other hand, my H says it's a good idea to support them in recovery by her forming positive friendships. As you can imagine, the other women don't trust her to be around their families.

Posted By: MelodyLane Re: How to be a friend in recovery - 10/27/16 12:22 PM
I am friends with former WW, but I happen to know they made full amends and are not a danger. I would avoid a WW I was not sure about. Your marriage is much more important that her "recovery." She is a known danger and I would avoid her.
Posted By: BrainHurts Re: How to be a friend in recovery - 10/27/16 10:20 PM
Send her to MB.
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