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Posted By: anonywoman Why would the WW partner want Counseling? - 03/03/20 11:33 PM
I am not married but have been dating a guy for 2 1/2 years. I was in an awful marriage that did not involve cheating for 15 years with 3 1/2 years of dating prior. Anyway, current guy has been cheating. Okay so normally when this happens you just go your separate ways. This guy is asking for couples counseling. HIs "OW" is still around. He claims they are "friends". I made the appointment for couples counseling but I mean how worth it is it? When we aren't dealing with the problems in our "relationship" things go well. When I deal with him and other women it's not fine.

Is it worth it to go through the whole Plan A and Plan B (which lets be honest, plan B is likely see ya never again for ME) and Counseling? LIke WHY does he want counseling?
You should move on. Dating is a job interview for marriage and he has flunked the interview. While you are wasting time with a failed candidate, you could be dating other, more appropriate men. And no, Dr Harley would never recommend Plan A and Plan B outside of marriage. "Counseling" would be a waste of time.

You lucked out and found out sooner rather than later.. It would be harder to deal with this if you were married and had children.
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