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Posted By: ak1 Any interested in a spy system? - 12/26/12 08:35 PM
Hello All,

Like many of you I have had to deal with infidelity in my marriage and found that spying gave me the upper hand in knowing if my spouse was being faithful and who she was talking to. Like most other waywards, communication with her AP came in the form of a secret gmail account, facebook, and other online social websites.

I was able to gather her facebook conversations, capture her passwords, see the websites she was going to, view the craigslist pages she was looking at because I work in the IT field and am able to engineer systems and software to extract the data from the network.

I put forth a bit of effort building the system I used to accomplish this because there really isn't anything out there that is designed to do this that isn't very expensive or requires extensive IT knowledge to assemble.

I'm thinking about taking this system I wrote and polishing it into a product anyone can purchase and use to gather information, and am looking for any feedback as to what it should do or if anyone is even interested in such a product. I don't want to spend a bunch of time developing a product that nobody is interested in.

Here is how it would work. You get a little box that you configure, then it captures traffic on your wireless network. This allows you to hide the box anywhere as long as it is in range of your router and the device used to access the internet. The box would have a little usb drive that you remove, plug into your computer, then run a little program that will ask you the following questions:

1. What is the name of your wireless network.
2. What is the password of your wireless network.
3. How do you want to get the information:
a. Have the system email you the logs nightly.
b. Have the system be completely silent which requires you to remove the usb drive to get the data.
4. Do you want the system to work in normal mode or stealth mode.

This one requires explaining. In stealth mode the system is completely silent and doesn't send any traffic to the network whatsoever. This is great for spying on spouses that are good with computers. It's completely undetectable. In normal mode the system connects to the network, but doesn't show up as a computer or anything like that, so it would take some digging to figure out if it's there, but it can be done.

The advantage to stealth mode is that it's completely invisible, the disadvantage is that it can't see data protected with encryption, and thus isn't going to capture passwords, however it will still see yahoo mail, facebook messages, etc.

The advantage to normal mode is that you can setup the target computer to pass it's traffic through the box in a browser setting, which will will allow the box to see all encrypted traffic including passwords.

Once you are done configuring, you re-insert the usb drive into the box and power it on.

If you run in normal mode you can configure smart phones to redirect the traffic through the box when they are connected to the network. So if the target is a phone, and it's in range and connected to the wireless network, it would capture that traffic.

The box would also track all websites that it sees people visiting.

I'm not sure what it would cost to build one of these but, I'm thinking it will be in the $200-$300 range.

If there is interest and I decide to pursue the project, then I would need a few beta testers to make sure that it's dialed before release.

Anyway, let me know what you all think. If this is really a needed product, then let me know, otherwise no worries.

Moderators, I'm not sure if I'm breaking the rules with this as I'm not promoting a product at this point, more like an idea, and feeling out if there is a demand for this type of device.

Posted By: sigh4now Re: Any interested in a spy system? - 01/08/13 06:55 AM
Just make it super user-friendly! So far everything I've run across doesn't work like how it's advertised. I definitely think there is a market for it, but I'm thinking you need to figure out how to cut the cost in half at least.
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